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Monday, 5 July 2010

The Lord's Prayer For Today

This is the full version of the Lord's Prayer I wrote for Twitter. It had to be slightly abridged before it was ready for sending out.

Bringer and Nurturer of life, whose sacred name we hold precious.
May your supremacy, your desires, your plans and purposes burst from heaven into every corner of creation.
Feed our hearts, minds and bodies as we entrust ourselves into your care.
Forgive us when our self-centredness brings hurt to others and to you.
Help us to be just as gracious and just as loving with those you hurt us.
Guide us from following the seductive allure of all that draws us away from you,
And let evil’s influence over us be rendered impotent.
For yours is the sovereign rule;
Yours is the majestic, glorious power,
Throughout all time and into eternity.


  1. Excellent. I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. I think this translation does a great job of forcing us to think about what the prayer actually means. So many of us have recited it by rote for our whole lives and don't stop to think about the full impact of it.

    Thanks again, Tim.

  3. Matthew describes Jesus as instructing people to pray "after the manner" of this prayer. We've stuck very closely to the actual translation of Jesus's advice. I therefore welcome Tim's contribution of his modern alternative Lord's Prayer. It reflects the pressure and needs of Christians in Britain today