The ideas expressed here may be controversial for some - they're intended to be.
The idea is to get you thinking about why you believe what you believe, and generate a bit of discussion.
Many blogs offer devotional inspiration, I want to offer theological inspiration.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Because You’re Worth It

What do you do when you want to give yourself a treat? What is your “one weakness”? Maybe to settle in with some chocolate and watch a favourite film? Or relax in a bath with a good book?
Adverts offer plenty of suggestions:
Apparently it’s possible to fulfil the cravings of all your senses just by buying a chocolate-covered ice cream, you can be perfectly pampered if only you use the right shower gel, and with the right cheeseburger, you can even find true happiness.

But why do we need life’s little luxuries?
Well, buy the right mascara and shampoo and you are told it’s “Because you’re worth it”.
And that’s what we tell ourselves, isn’t it?
We are worth a little pampering - we’ve earned it - We ought to have a treat now and then...
We deserve it – and you know, maybe there’s something in that.

But what does God do for us?
He is born amongst filth and poverty, endures starvation in the harshness of a wilderness, is rejected and persecuted by his own people, he is tortured and put to the worst kind of death they could conjure up.
And all for us.
But why?

Well, not because we deserve it, not because we’ve earned it, and certainly not to pamper our needs.
Quite simply, God says, I did all this
Because you’re worth it.