The ideas expressed here may be controversial for some - they're intended to be.
The idea is to get you thinking about why you believe what you believe, and generate a bit of discussion.
Many blogs offer devotional inspiration, I want to offer theological inspiration.

Friday, 17 June 2011

In Time Of Need

If God will go to the cross for you, will He not also hold your hand now?
If God will go to Calvary for you, will He not also be here for you, when you need Him most?
If God will suffer all the punishments that twisted minds can devise,
  And go far beyond what the human soul can bear,
      And abandon for a moment, His true Beloved,
         For you.
Will he not also cling to you and surround you with His cloak of grace?
So, if God can do all this, and, burst victorious from death’s tomb, can He not also give you hope?

Tim Ross, 2011


  1. Tim, I always find your poetry inspirational and always meets me at the point I am at.

  2. Hope lifting great blog Tim, thanks for sharing and all your work for Christ, God Bless you my friend!

  3. Tim, powerful stuff. Nothing is more powerful than hope.
    Stay Strong,